Top 10 simple steps for keeping your laptop secure in 2021

These days we are more scared of someone hacking our computer than someone robbing our house. The virus threat that your anti-virus apps keep showing you are an actual problem. We are extremely vulnerable to our computers getting hacked or our data getting tracked. It happens with people all the time. Do not worry, it does not mean you will have to stop using the internet. Some ways can make your online presence safe and secure. We have brought to you  10 simple steps for keeping your laptop secure in 2021. 

  1. Set the complex password
  2. Update your system
  3. Install the antivirus software
  4. Use hard disk encryption
  5. Enable multi-step verification 
  6. Get a Virtual private network (VPN)
  7. Avoid opening the scam links 
  8. Clear the browsing history
  9. Don’t activate the ‘save password’ feature
  10. Consider your laptop’s physical privacy

Set the complex password

Passwords are still the best way of securing your laptop despite features like touch ID or face identification. When apps ask you to choose a complex password, they have valid reasons. Complex passwords might be hard to remember but they are more secure. The complexity of your password is directly related to the security of your device. Try to make different passwords for each of your devices. It is a common practice that people make passwords after the name of their loved ones, pets, birthdays, etc. This is not a wise thing to do. Make sure that your password is unique and complex. You can use a mix of numerals, upper case letters, lowercase letters, etc. This way your password will be difficult to break. If you are worried about remembering the passwords, use password manager apps. They are a safe and effective way to increase the security of your devices. 


Update your system 

Outdated systems are more prone to viruses and hacking than updated systems. An updated system is hard to hack. It is recommended that you keep your system updated to avoid any potential threats. Windows 10 offers the feature of automatically updating your system. Make sure that you have access to good internet and your auto-update feature is turned on. Updates are necessary to keep your laptop virus-free. 

Install the antivirus software

The internet is full of free antivirus software and tools. All you need to do is to find a suitable one for your laptop. Antivirus programs are an effective way to keep all viruses away. If you do not have antivirus software installed, you are giving hackers the perfect opportunity to hack your laptop. The antivirus apps give you spam protection, malware protection, web protection, and firewall features. Antivirus software provides better protection than window defenders. Here I listed some top antivirus software in 2021.

  • Bitdefender 
  • Norton 
  • McAfee
  • Avira 
  • Bullguard 
  • Panda 

Use hard disk encryption

Suppose you have a complex password and you think your laptop is all safe but it gets stolen. What now? Well, the hackers can read all your information by removing the hardware. You need to encrypt the hard disk to protect your data even if it gets stolen. In windows, the encryption is done by BitLocker and in mac using Filevault.


Enable multi-step verification

We know you do not want to enable multi-step verification because it takes extra time but surely it is one of the best ways to protect your laptop. As the name tells you, multi-step verification means verifying that it’s you who is trying to log in through different steps. It can include facial recognition, touch id, security question, and in most cases a code. It is a great way to protect all yo0ur confidential data on your devices. You should also turn it on for your email and social media accounts. Multi-step verification will surely keep your laptop secure in 2021.

Get a virtual private network

VPN is another smart way not to let your hackers track your data and hide your information from trackers. VPN provides you encryption and makes it impossible for hackers to track your activities. VPN encrypts the trafficking between the user and the VPN server to make it infeasible to track your activity. VPN also protects your IP address which is an excellent feature because many hackers track you by your IP address. Another benefit that VPNs provide is giving you access to websites that are not otherwise accessible in your country. To secure your data and hide your identity, VPN must be used. 

Avoid opening spam links 

Spam links are common everywhere on the internet. Peop[le send you such links in emails, messenger, etc. Spam links also show on different websites. Be Aware of such spam links because they usually are trying to track you or get access to your personal data.  To keep your laptop secure in 2021, do not click on such links. 

Clear the browsing history

You might think that your browsing history is unimportant but that is not true. The truth is a lot can be known about you through your browsing history. The saved cookies and cache hold a lot of information about you. It might include your address and phone number as well. You can simply delete your history and clear your cache no matter what browser you use. 

Don’t activate the ‘save password’ feature

Is your browser trying to save your passwords? Are different websites telling you to save your password so you do not forget it? Do not fall for this trap. It is a scam. By saving passwords, they get access to your accounts even if they do not do anything. DO not activate the save password feature to keep your devices and information protected.

Consider your laptop’s physical privacy 

Your laptop’s physical privacy is also very important. Physical damage is also a threat to your privacy as you would have to get it repaired by a third party. Always use a laptop bag for your laptop. In case you drop your laptop, your laptop bag will save it from any serious damage. Protect it from weather conditions too by using a waterproof case. A privacy screen protector is another effective way to protect your activity when working in public. 



I think we have given you enough options to remain as safe as possible. The security of your laptop matters as it contains sensitive information about you and your loved ones. It can be hacked for any reason. Cybersecurity is as important as any other kind of security. Enable all these features that we have mentioned and thank us later. 

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