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Instagram Marketing: 10 Powerful Tips With Examples

We are living in the age of Instagram. Instagram is no longer just an app. It is a whole planet now that sustains many different species lol. From humans to cats, Instagram has billions of profiles. Brands, marketers, businesses, freelancers are all utilizing Instagram marketing to go big. It is one of the biggest and most used social media platforms with billions of active users. Instagram makes it possible to connect with different people, shop from various brands, watch informative videos, know what your favorite celebrity is up to, become an influencer, and more. Let us give you 10 powerful tips to make your Instagram marketing game strong.   


  • Catchy Captions


Instagram is about all things pretty. It matters a lot how you market your product to get more visitors to your profile. Captions convey a great deal about your service/product. They reflect how you see your own product. Write captions according to your target audience. See what is their age group, gender, etc to make your captions vibe with them. For example, if your product is for Gen Z, write quirky and exciting captions. 


  • Make your profile business


This may sound unimportant but a lot of people make this mistake.  They build their profiles and forget to make it business. The kind of reach you get on a business account is not possible on a personal public account. Go to the settings → account → switch to a professional account. This is a simple procedure to get more visitors. Believe us, it makes a huge difference. You can publish ads on your Instagram business account. You can track your reach using insights which is an Instagram analytics tool. 


  • Use Attractive Pictures


Your feed should look very attractive. Select the color palette that goes with your brand. Make different and unique graphics to stand out. Take captivating pictures to put on your feed if you are a blogger. The images must resonate with your audience. It should provoke them to visit your profile and buy your product. Be clever with your marketing posts. You can also use memes or funny pictures to attract your customers. 


  • Follow Latest Trends


Always be on the lookout for the latest trends and think about how you can use them. Come up with unique ideas on how you can use the newest trends in your favor. Collaborate with famous people or companies. Be smart about your marketing choice. For example, Mcdonald’s introduced BTS Meal in countries where people worship the band BTS. It skyrocketed their purchase.  


  • Hashtags are important

Do not underestimate the power of hashtags. Make interactive hashtags. Create a distinctive hashtag for your business and brand. Use it to enhance your engagement rate. Put your hashtag under every post and encourage your followers to do the same by giving them a fun challenge or giveaway. A very good example is Lays. They always come up with pertinent hashtags. Anytime a picture with your hashtag gets uploaded, your reach increases. It will increase your followers.


  • Do Not Over Post


Many people try too hard to gain likes and followers on Insta. It is essential to post regularly to stay active on Insta but many people do not draw the line between posting consistently and over posting. Posting once or twice a day is more than enough. You do not want your followers to get bored or tired of you. The element of curiosity should always be there. Instagram posts are meant to engage your customers not annoy them. 


  • Collaborate


A brilliant way to gain followers and get recognized in no time is collaboration. Instagram has many famous bloggers and influencers. You can get them to promote your services or products. It really works. They have a huge number of followers. People also tend to trust them. You can collaborate with them to be in the limelight. For example, many beauty brands get influencers to market their products. 


  • Timing matters

Right timing not only plays a role in your relationship but also plays a huge role on Instagram. Your engagements depend a lot on your timings to post. Keep in mind that every country has its own timings when people are most active on Instagram. Search on the internet when it is best to post on Instagram in your country. 


  • Use Instagram stories


You can post in real-time using Instagram stories. Instagram users love to check story updates. They are a brilliant way to get people hooked to your account. Instagram marketing has countless ways to promote your brand/profile. You can also create story highlights to save the important information or features for people to easily access them. Stories also allow you to interact with your followers through features like Q&A. 


  • Make Useful Content


Making content that your users find useful is another key to step up your Instagram marketing. If your brand is food-related, post delicious and easy recipes. Let us take the example of Nestle. They post different recipes with their creme or other products used in it. Instagram promotion does not stop at entertaining your audience. 



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