Common Mobile Phone Problems and Solutions

Cell phones not working properly? Is your phone too slow? Is your storage full? Does your phone overheat? There are so many issues that can affect the performance of our mobile phones. Android problems are pretty common in android phones. Apple users can also face performance issues. There can be various reasons your phone is having such issues. We have compiled the major problems your phone may face and their solutions. It can be frustrating to use a phone that is not functioning properly. We have gotten so used to fast operating devices that we become infuriated when some problem occurs. It is why we bring you solutions to optimize your device and get the smoothest experience possible. 

Poor Battery Life

It is the most prevalent issue mobile users face. Bad battery life is a big issue all smartphone users face. Be it Android or Apple, struggling with low battery life is common. There are many reasons for poor battery performance. Your battery may be old, it can have more load than it is supposed to have, some app running in the background is consuming all the battery, etc. These are all common reasons and they can be solved.

Solutions: Turn on the battery-saving mode on your phone. Turn off all the extra features like Bluetooth, mobile data, if you are not using them. Dim your brightness to save battery. Check in the settings which app is consuming most of your battery and limit its usage. Do not allow apps to run in the background. Put your phone on silent when you do not need it. These are some steps you can take to increase your battery life. 

Slow phone

Does your phone lag? Has it started to slow down over time? It is a problem many people face as their phones get old. Usually, as our usage increases, we download more and more stuff on our phones. When there is too much load on your RAM and it is full of apps, your phone slows down. It is a solvable problem so you need not worry. 

Solutions: Delete all the unnecessary data from your phone. You can also transfer your data to your laptop or hard drive to free your phone. You can download apps that clean your cache and optimize your phone’s performance. You can download apps like google drive for free storage. Transfer your data to a safe place and reset your phone. It will help improve the speed of your phone. 

Phone Crashes

Another difficulty you may face is your applications or phone crashing. This may be because of an issue with the application you are trying to use. It can also because of your phone. This is a common problem in Android problems. Most people with android phones face this issue because of countless apps that are available on the Google store. This can be quite annoying. We have solutions for you.

Solutions: You can delete and redownload the app that is crashing repeatedly. Restart your mobile phone and see if it works for you. You can also try clearing the junk because it slows down your phone. If your app keeps on crashing after these steps, your app may have bugs. 


Overheating is one of the most serious phone issues. It can also e dangerous. It can be due to many reasons. Either your phone is not charging properly or it is working too much. Do not exhaust your phone by excessively using it. All devices need rest so do your mobile phones. Another reason can be the version of your Android or iOS. Sometimes we are trying to use apps that are not suitable for our operating base versions. Playing heavy games can also lead to overheating.

Solutions: Do not exhaust your phone. Give it rest. It is not a good idea to use your phone whilst charging. Avoid downloading apps that are not compatible with your device.

Storage is full

‘Storage is full’ is something our phone often tells us. This message needs to be taken seriously. Once the storage is full we can not download new apps. We can not take new pictures and it is very irritating. After our storage gets full, our phone also slows down. It is also possible that it starts to freeze or crash because its storage is full. You need to regularly manage your storage to keep your phone fast. 

Solutions: Clean your cache as often as possible. Do not download unnecessary apps. Delete pictures or files you no longer need. Download apps that offer free storage like Google drive. You can also buy storage if you use Apple. You can transfer your data to a hard drive, USB, or laptop. There are so many effective ways to manage your storage so your phone does not lag because of full storage. 

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