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7 Best small garden design ideas on a budget

garden design ideas on a budget

Gardens are aesthetically pleasing and therapeutic. It is a great pleasure to sit in a garden and do your favorite activity. Who does not love lush green grass and colorful flowers? Contrary to the popular belief, your garden does not need a large space. You can make a small garden that reflects your taste and aesthetics. It just takes a pinch of imagination and a spoonful of creativity to create a small garden. We are here with the 7 best small garden design ideas to give your vision a shape. 

  • Give it a shape

The first thing you can do to kickstart the process of making a small pretty garden is defining its shape. Make it round, square, oval, or any shape you desire. It gives your garden a dimension. Doing so enhances the appearance of your garden. It is not an expensive or strenuous task. It should only take hours for you to shape up your garden. It is a game-changer cheap garden idea. Grab a spade now and get to work. 

  • Paint the pots

Painting your plant pots can do wonders for your garden’s appeal. It is a quick garden hack. Just buy paints and a paintbrush and let your inner artist shine. You can make geometrical prints or simple zig-zag patterns on your pots using different colors. It will immediately elevate the look of your garden. It is a brilliant small garden design idea as it is inexpensive and fun. It is time to paint your garden red. 

  • Sow yourself

Instead of buying grown plants, grow your plants from seeds. It is a cheap and effective way to make your garden beautiful. Also, the joy you feel seeing your plants grow is incomparable. You love your garden in a different way when you grow your plants yourself. You can sow the seeds of your favorite flowers and even vegetables. Create a separate corner in the garden where you plant the seeds of vegetables that can be easily grown at home for example lemons. It not only maximizes the beauty of your garden but allows you to eat fresh as well. 

  • Hanging plant baskets

A wonderful small garden design idea is hanging plant baskets. They do not take up space and add to your garden’s grace to a large extent. They give your garden a classic touch. It will also be great for your Instagram profile as you can take pictures in front of them. You can grow flowers like Fuchsias, Petunias, Bacopa, Lobelia, etc in these baskets. It is one of our favorite cheap garden ideas. It is a quick garden trick to revolutionize the design of your garden. 

  • Add lighting effects

Adding lights will give a glow to your garden giving it a picturesque vibe. It is a clever and affordable idea to make your small garden look lovely. You can also light the garden in a way that makes your space look bigger. This cheap garden idea can instantly uplift the appearance of your garden. You have tons of options to choose from. You can buy fairy lights, lanterns, battery lights, etc. Make your garden look lit with pretty lights. 

  • Transform your patio

If you do not have a garden, transform your patio. You can give your patio a small garden touch through container gardening. As the name suggests, you plant in pots and containers. You can grow flowers, vegetables, or any plants you like in the containers. You can place these containers on your patio, balcony, garage, or wherever you like. You do not need any expensive resources to do so. This is an intelligent way to decorate your home and make your inner gardener happy. 

  • Recycle your stuff

You can use your old furniture as planters. You can paint it to give it a new look. You can use your empty plastic and wine bottles too to grow plants and decorate your garden. Recycling is one of the most genius cheap garden ideas and it also helps to support the environment. Instead of wasting your plastic bottles you can cut them in half and add compost and seed to them. You can hang them in your garden and the plants will start growing in some time. 


All the ideas above are reliable and brilliant. They do not need a lot of money or resources to be executed. You can channel your creativity in the most cost-effective way using our amazing ideas. Do not forget to maintain your garden as it is important. Water your plants regularly. Cut the grass and clean your pots every week. Creating a beautiful garden requires consistency. For all the people who harbor a love for gardening, this guide is highly useful. We hope you put this guide to use. 

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